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Attributes of the new Creation

Release Date: July 2014


The new creation is the man in Christ. He is born from the womb of the Godhead, Christ being the essence and subtance of his life. The new creation is the reflection of the glory of the resurrected Christ. This reflection is clearly presented in a vivid portrayal of a strange creature shown to the apostle John in a vision. In this series, you will be introduced to an in-depth comprehension of your divine nature in the metaphoric semblance of a lion, calf, man and a flying eagle.


01 Introduction

02 The reign of the righteous

03 Galatians 2:20 experience

04 You are a flying eagle


2015 Celebrating the Beauty of God’s Grace

Release Date: January 2015

God has preserved your spiritual womb to receive the incorruptible seed (the word of God), with the purpose of you being a bearer of the fruit of His grace. The fruit of the seed of God is the greatest power in the universe. This fruit is Agape love (the God-kind of love). It does not only overcome earthly things, but also attracts every good thing. As you poise and navigate through this glorious year, know definitely that the Father will showcase you as an object of His praise. You are unassailable by any weapons of darkness. Go and prosper.

01 – 2015 Celebrating the Beauty of God’s Grace
02 – Your Seed shall inherit the World
03 – No Prevailing Weapon against the Righteous


Force of Freedom

Release Date: June 2014

The greatest commandment to man is man’s ultimate responsibility. God is not satisfied when we merely know the truth. The knowledge of the truth brings Freedom. This freedom is not to live according to the flesh, but to glorify God and serve mankind. In this three-packed series, you will understand that true freedom is only through the Son of God and if the Son set you free, you are free indeed!

01 Force of Freedom
02 Responsibility of Freedom
03 Woman, Thou art loose!


School Of Prayer

Release Date: October 2014

Man was created to act as God’s regent on earth in prayer by the exercise of God’s word that He established in man’s heart. As a believer in Christ, you have been given the responsibility to cultivate your world and frame it according to the design of heaven- to enforce the will of God as it is in heaven. In this special pack, you will be exposed to teachings like:
. Right attitudes in prayer
. Praying and watching
. Praying to maintain a peaceable life
These and much more…

01 Introduction
02 The attitude in prayer
03 The Prayer of the Righteous 1
04 The Prayer of the Righteous 2
05 The School of Prayer
06 Spiritual warfare